01. The [departure] of flight 202 to Madison has been delayed due to stormy weather.
02. The train [departed] about five minutes ago.
03. You should arrive at least two hours before your [departure] time for international flights.
04. The President's [departure] for Japan was delayed by poor weather.
05. Our [departure] is scheduled for 7:00 this evening.
06. The [departure] of Pierre Trudeau from the federal Liberal party signaled the end of an era in Canadian politics.
07. Pacific Western Airlines has more than 50 scheduled [departures] from Seattle every day.
08. We decided to delay our [departure] for a few days because we were having such a nice time.
09. All passengers [departing] on the space shuttle bound for Venus and Mars please proceed to gate number 2056.
10. My friends held a farewell party for me before my [departure] for Australia.
11. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of my dear, [departed] wife.
12. The politician's stand on this issue is a radical [departure] from his usual stance.
13. There is a Portuguese proverb which states that visits always give pleasure, if not at the arrival, then at the [departure].
14. Sir Thomas Browne once said that life is itself but the shadow of death, and souls [departed] but the shadows of the living.
15. Someone once joked that if your arrival doesn't improve a party, your [departure] probably does.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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